Baja 2018: July 15-21

NEEDED:  Project volunteers to build a house and a school classroom + Medical & Dental Professionals to participate in medical aid outreach.  Download the info packet to the right for complete details about the experience!  

INFO MEETING:  Sunday, May 6, 2018 at 5:00pm.  

Are you interested in joining the team for this summer's trip?  Check out our informational the trip leaders...and learn more!  Hosted by Calvary Christian Church 2322 Spring Street in Saint Helena.



Download 2018 info Packet


Mixtecan, Trique and other indigenous peoples in Baja work 60 to 80 hours a week for as little as $1 per hour. These fieldworkers provide most of the produce for the western US during the winter. These people live without running water and sanitation and their diet consists mostly of beans and rice.



One home recipient last year was a young mother with two small children. When asked what would make her happy in life she answered, "Nothing. I now have everything I need!" As we participated in the home dedication many collapsed under their own emotion. Several said "today is the greatest day of my life". It was a pretty great day for all of us.

On our annual trip into rural Baja California we work with indigenous fieldworkers living in abject poverty. This year, we will be building houses for two families and again be providing medical care for the community. We will also deliver thousands of pounds of clothing and food.

Baja Promo Video

What can you do to help? As Americans, we have so much compared to most of the planet. The least we can do with our lives is to help others in need. We were created to care about other people! It's therapeutic to give of yourself to someone in need. We need finances, clothing, food, Spanish translators, and volunteers to help with the actual builds and medical team.