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Earthquake Kit

only $148 each!

This fundraiser benefits the St. Helena Rotary Club and Project Hope International's clean water project.


With a tight-fitting lid, this kit is designed to be stored OUTSIDE where you can easily retrieve it in case you cannot reenter your home or business. If that is impractical, store it close to a door you have designated as your emergency exit. 

Inside each kit you will find:

-Sawyer Water filtration system

-Gas and Water Shut-off Wrenches

-Comprehensive First Aid Kit

-Crank AM Radio/ Flashlight

-Small Swiss Knife

-8x10 tarp and Nylon cord for shade or rain protection

-30 hr candles

-Safety Whistle

-Emergency Thermal blankets (4)

Sorry, shipping is unavailable.  Local pickup available in St. Helena.  Contact Justin Meyer via email to arrange pickup (

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